(1) Save removed segments, as a separate video file. (2) Include option to "Put Back" any segment, after review

Requesting 2 new features:

  1. Ability to save all removed commercial segments, as a separate .mp4 or similar file.
    Users could review the file, to ensure that nothing important was incorrectly removed. Perhaps additional frames, or watermarks could be added, to indicate the start of each removed segment.

  2. “Restore Segment” feature. This would be useful, for segments that were incorrectly removed.

There could be a feature similar to “Reconvert Files”, in the “Show History” area. After expanding any record of a prior conversion, users could be shown a list of all removed segments, with start times and their lengths. The feature could allow you to checkmark any segment(s) you wish to restore, before initiating the “Reconvert File” feature.

This feature is available as part of the commercial subscription license, it’s typically used by advertisers and commercial firms to validate airing of ads etc.