Edit out chapters that are already marked

I had a question about the abilities of this program. I have .mp4 files created using a program called PlayOn (https://www.playon.tv/), which is able to record streams from most any website. PlayOn automatically places chapter markers in where the commercials are. Is this program able to automatically remove these chapters?

From the description in the About Us section, it sounds as if this is just what I am looking for. But I wanted to make sure since, unless I’m missing it, there is no trial version of this program. It would also be nice to have a trial so I can see the quality of the video after any editing done by the MCEBuddy program.

If this program can do what I’m wanting with good video quality as a result, I would GLADLY pay for this program. I can remove the commercials manually, but that is tedious and time consuming - which is why I’m interested in using this program.

Thank for any information you can give!

Nevermind - after some more searching and reading I found that you used to freely give this program away. I did some more searching and found the last freeware version and downloaded it for testing purposes.

First run through it removed the commercials very well - however the resulting quality of the video was quite degraded from my source video. I’m playing around with the quality settings to see if I can get an acceptable finished video.


Yes the premium version and read chapter markers for commercials (Conversion Task -> Expert Settings -> Chapter Ad Markers) and process them. Make sure you’ve enabled commercial detection.

If your source video is mpeg4 and you’re converting it back to mpeg4 using a profile like MP4 Normal/High etc then you will see degradation of video, that’s an unnecessary step.

Try using a unprocessed profile like MP4 Unprocessed which will essentially copy the original video and remove the commercials in between, this preserving the original video quality.

@RBoy yeah, I realize that is an unnecessary step. I was just testing to see what it would look like because I would prefer to keep as mp4 files. I tried the AVI uncompressed but the file size grew very large (also, as expected). I would LOVE to use an mp4 uncompressed profile - however, I don’t have that option. I’m assuming that is because I am using an old version.

Does the new version have that profile? If so, does the file size come out as expected - similar in size (minus commercial time) and the same quality as the source file?

Is there a trial of the latest version available? I’d love to test it out!

There features are there in the premium version and not the free.