New install - video converting but no commercials are being removed

I’ve been running MCEBuddy for several years now on two different computers without any issues. I recently installed the latest update on one of the PC’s that I was previously running it and it converts the video file but it’s not removing the commercials.

I’ve tried looking at the log files and changing the settings back to the defaults and without any luck. Any suggestions on what I can look at to determine why the commercial removal process is not working?

FYI - I can attach the log files but I don’t see a way to do that. If those are needed, can someone share how I can upload them?

I just wanted to follow-up since there has been a dearth of replies and if someone else has this problem I wanted them to know how I resolved it.

Looking at the log files I could see no reason why the commercials were not being removed so they were of no use. I tried to do a clean install of a previous version that was working by uninstalling and re-installing but for some reason it kept my setting. I thought I manually deleted any folders in the Program Files directory but it must have kept a copy elsewhere.

Since it still had my old settings even the old version was not removing the commercials so then focused on the profiles. I looked line by line through profile that I was using and noted a couple of differences, specifically a line that said something about preconversion commercial removal. It was set to false and I changed that to true and viola the commercials were being removed.

I have a lot of factors but I narrowed it down and thankfully I was able to figure out what I needed to look at. Hopefully this helps someone else who is looking for an answer and finding no responses like I did.

Good luck!

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FYR, MCEBuddy keeps a back up of setting so when you reinstall it you don’t lose them. Details here: MCEBuddy - Solutions to Installation and Uninstallation Issues on how to do a clean uninstall/install.

Pre conversion commercial removal is the default (i.e. it cuts the commercials before converting to speed up the process). You can find more details about it here: MCEBuddy - Advanced Settings, Commands and Tweaking

To attach the logs, just drag/drop them onto your post/reply or click the upload button in your editor.