Move new feature and bug topics to resolved/closed sub-forum when resolved

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Summary of the suggestion:
In order to best service the customers I think it would be best to move resolved or closed new feature and bug topics to a sub-forum. This will make it easier to see what features are being requested but aren’t yet implemented and also to see a list of open bugs.
And since we have a limit on the number of votes we have moving them to this sub-forum would free up any vote made for that topic.

You can filter the topics listed by using the Solved/Unsolved drop down filters as shown below. Once the feature or bug is solved, it’s marked Solved so we can also track it.

Regarding the votes, once a feature is marked as solved the votes should be recycled so you should ideally never run out of votes but if you do please let us know and we can adjust the limits. Users should have between 10 and 50 votes available depending your experience/trust levels on the community.