Horizontal column resize on queue panel and more

Request Type: NEW FEATURE
MCEBuddy Version and Type (32bit or 64bit): 2.3.9 2018-03-09
Operating System and Type (32bit or 64bit): Win10x64
Summary of the problem or suggestion:

  • Can we get column separator handles and a horizontal auto-slider (just like the vertical one) on the conversion queue?
    A double-click on the column separator to auto-size the column to the left would be awesome.
    That would make long titles/filenames visible on smaller overall panel sizes.
  • The spacing below the engine and priority “row” could be eliminated to add more rows to the conversion queue.
  • Shave the borders around text/button blocks to get more space to display text.
    Text (information) has more value in a GUI control panel than whitespace.
    The line spacing on the conversion queue could also be compacted/reduced a little.
  • Rethink the GUI settings flows. It seems like I’m diving deep into several layers of “expert settings”, and some are “expanding” (the up/down ‘diamond’ toggle), and others are pop-outs to a new dialog window. Maybe a re-org or re-grouping?
    In particular, getting to custom show renaming rules seems hard to get to.
  • A separate category for “series” (i.e. it has seasons metadata) instead of lumped into “other” (Movies/Sports/Other). That would leave “other” for specials and one-time shows (e.g. awards, elections, the US eclipse coverage, news events, etc.).
  • When selecting multiple conversion tasks in the main GUI panel, and you ‘right-mouse’, it offers a “media info” option to display the media info for those files. Could that be expanded (or somewhere else (a status bar?)) and display the # of tasks selected and even better, the total disk space/size of the files being converted?
  • Some sort of conversion ordering/sort to set the priority? e.g. convert the largest source files first (to free up space if deleting/moving after conversion).

If you are using GUI style rules, could you note what they are? I don’t do GUI development, so I don’t know what the ‘X-% or Y-pixels around ’ guidelines are. I don’t want to suggest something that ‘breaks’ the theme/style.