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About the General Support / Questions category [General Support / Questions] (2)
Archiving when destination filename is exactly the same as the source filename [General Support / Questions] (4)

When you've configured your conversion task to write back to the original location with the exact same original filename, MCEBuddy won't be able to archive the original file, instead it will end up overwriting it. This…

How to Convert MKV to MP4 and retain the Subtitles and Chapters [General Support / Questions] (2)

How to transcode MKV to MP4 (change containers without recoding) and preserve subtitles and chapters Here's a great way to use MCEBuddy to transcode MKV files to MP4 files automatically using the power of MCEBuddy t…

Codec Packs cause crashing of WMP/WMC [General Support / Questions] (2)

Do NOT install codec packs like KLite and Shark007. These are mostly hacks (and sometimes dangerous) codec packs that destroy the windows setup. If you've installed these codec packs and try to use WMP, WMC or any prod…

How to fix Half Green Video screens after conversions [General Support / Questions] (2)

If your converted video has about half the screen as "Green" or shaded green/grey, that is due to a problem with the hardware encoder. When hardware encoding is enabled, MCEBuddy (ffmpeg or handbrake) hands over the en…

How to Speed Up Conversions [General Support / Questions] (2)

The biggest improvements that users can do are: Use the donator version of comskip - especially if you have h.264 videos, it will increase your commercial detection performance by a factor of 6x-15x, (see this thread o…

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How to Fix Initial 6-8 Seconds of Recording Missing/Cut after Conversions [Profiles] (5)

Starting 2.4.9 MCEBuddy won’t skip any part of the video by default Instructions for 2.4.8 and older This is by design and happens because the profile is setup to skip the first few seconds. Many videos have corrupted st…

MKV with all audio and subtitle tracks [Custom Commands] (2)