Update binarys

It might be about time to update ffmpeg and handbrake with the release of the 40 series gpus. Also, just to keep with the times, it might be nice to enable hardware encoding for av1. Thanks.


Goose, are you there?

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Not at all. We’re looking into it. It’s take us weeks → months to update as there are literally 10,000’s tests to run and fix issues if the crop up with newer builds before we can verify it. A single test cycle takes up to 2 weeks running 24x7 to complete across a cluster of machines.

Sounds good. Let me know once it is done. thanks.

just checking up on this. thanks.


It’s not looking great so far, the newer ffmpeg builds using the new OneVPL QSV framework are either failing or slower at hardware encoding. Once we’re done investigating / optimizing this then we will be looking at NvEnc and then AMF. So this is going to take time but I don’t see any specific advantage to upgrading ffmpeg in it’s current build.

Just as a reference the 5.1.2 release of ffmpeg (using Media SDK) is 25% slower using QuickSync than the build included with the latest version of MCEBuddy, where as the latest overnight builds (using OneVPL) fails to even use the hardware qsv encoder.

I understand. thanks. maybe give them some time to straighten out their code. Also, I think microsoft has their own universal hardware encoder so try h264_mf and hevc_mf

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Yes we’ve been experimenting with those. Oddly ffmpeg says they aren’t officially supported but we are seeing some interesting results

interesting good or bad?

Still testing, it doesn’t appear to be using the hardware engine

Handbrake just released their version 1.6.0. There are some notes about QSV and NVENC engines, so there might be something relevant there to cross-reference.

I’m dropping Handbrake 1.6.0 CLI into MCEBuddy right now. No problems with doing that with 1.5.1. There is a caveat that they’ve moved completely to the v6 .NET desktop runtime. Microsoft EOL’d and EOVS’d v5. They’re also phasing out VP8 support. Not sure if that affects anyone still using Media Center.

I’ll post if there are issues. I only have a 2060 for HW, though. With a 4th gen i5 (Haswell?).

HandBrake 1.6.0 changes of note:

  • Added AV1 video encoding
  • Added high bit depth and color depth support to various encoders and filters
  • Added 4K AV1 General, QSV (Hardware), and MKV (Matroska) presets
  • Added 4K HEVC General presets and updated related presets to use similar encoder settings
  • Removed VP8 presets
    • The VP8 video encoder is now deprecated and will be removed in a future release
    • Related, the Theora encoder is long deprecated and will be removed in a future release


  • Added SVT-AV1 (software, v1.4.1) and Intel QSV AV1 (hardware) video encoders
  • Added encoders: VP9 10-bit, NVENC HEVC 10-bit, VCN HEVC 10-bit
  • Added H.264 levels 6, 6.1, and 6.2 for the x264 encoder
  • Added H.264/H.265 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 profiles for the x264 and x265 encoders
  • Added H.265 4:2:2 profile for VideoToolbox encoder on Apple Silicon
  • Added support for Intel Deep Link Hyper Encode (leverage multiple QSV media engines to increase performance)
  • Fixed longstanding issue where slowest NVENC encoder preset caused encoding failures
  • Removed support for Intel CPUs older than 6th generation (Skylake) when using Intel Quick Sync

Updated Third-party libraries

  • AMF 1.4.24 (AMD VCN encoding)
  • FFmpeg 5.1.2 (decoding and filters)
  • Subtitles: FreeType 2.12.1, Fribidi 1.0.12, HarfBuzz 4.4.1, libass 0.16.0
  • liblzma (xz) 5.2.6 (LZMA video decoding, e.g. TIFF)
  • libvpx 1.12.0 (VP8/VP9 video encoding)
  • oneVPL 2023.1.0 (Intel QSV encoding/decoding)
  • x264 164 r3100 (H.264/AVC video encoding)
  • x265 r12747 (H.265/HEVC video encoding)
  • zimg 3.0.4 (color conversion)

It has been a few months. Maybe there has been a change?

The newer ffmpeg builds are slower at hardware encoding. In our distro we use specific builds for specific hardware encoders. Can’t endorse a single build for all hardware but feel free to experiment on your end and share your results.

To be honest with you, I am looking for av1 support. Would really appreciate an official mcebuddy profile and encoder. Maybe set it up so mcebuddy only uses the new build for av1.

You could try dropping in the new Handbrake and using a profile with Handbrake for encoding and custom options for AV1.

The notes for Handbrake indicate that the FFMPEG baked into Handbrake is only used for decoding. That’s different than MCEBuddy using FFMPEG or Handbrake at the top-level.

At worst, it might be slower, like Goose indicated, but at least you’ll get AV1 encoding.