[Request] Updated versions of FFMPEG and Handbrake in MCEBuddy?

Looking at the FFMPEG version in MCEBuddy, it says “N-95085-g525de95679”, which does not reveal much about the dates/versions of FFMPEG. It says built with gcc 20190918, but it is not clear if that’s the date of the GCC compiler used to build this version of FFMPEG or the date the FFMPEG was pulled from the git source repository and built.

I see that Gyan Doshi posts weekly builds that do include the NVENC and NVDEC encoders/decoders.
See here: Builds - CODEX FFMPEG @ gyan.dev

Handbrake appears to be version 1.3.3 with nVenc version 12.0.
The current version is 1.5.1. I don’t know if Handbrake includes the NVDEC decoder or just the NVENC encoder.

My question is can we drop-in replacement .exe files for FFMPEG and HandbrakeCLI that are more current versions?

If not, when can we expect these critical utilities will be upgraded to current versions in MCEBuddy?

Is it possible to leverage the GPU decoders for comskip?

We do test newer versions of the various tools. We have to test for stability and performance (and compatibility). Often newer versions have bugs or sometimes have poorer performance; for example, we have different builds of handbrake for Intel QSV conversions and for NVEnc conversions. Each testing cycles takes weeks for 24x7 testing across a lot of machines and 100,000’s of files before they’re certified for general use with MCEBuddy.

But for personal use, absolutely go ahead and do a drop in replacement, test it out and feel free to share your feedback.

Updated FFMPEG is something I am anxiously waiting for as well.

I am no longer using MCEBuddy to reencode my recordings because it does not handle the AC-4 audio used in ATSC 3.0. Instead it just have it copy and rename the files over and have Emby transcode them because Emby does have an updated FFMPEG that handles it. But I would really like to get back to using MCEBuddy since I have so much more configuration and control options with it.

Ffmpeg release versions don’t support ac-4 as yet. It’s still in dev but if you have the pre release dev builds you can always drop them in and use them with MCEBuddy.

The Emby builds are a FFMPEG 5 tree based build.
In transcode logs I see:

*01:56:01.333 ffmpeg version 5.1-emby_2022_10_11 Copyright (c) 2000-2022 the FFmpeg developers and softworkz for Emby LLC*
*01:56:01.334 built with gcc 10.3.0 (Rev5, Built by MSYS2 project)*

I did try dropping them and replacing the MCEBuddy builds but then the jobs would not execute. It has been a while but as I recall the command line that MCEBuddy was passing to FFMPEG just wasn’t getting it done.