Slow conversions after moving to 2.5.x

A few weeks ago I upgraded to whatever version it was that supported the Intel hardware encoding. My conversions for a one hour show went from 20 minutes to 2 hours or more. I went back to the previous version and it went back to be good. I tried 2.5.2 the other day, and the conversions were even slower. I went back to previous versions, 2.4.11 and 2.4.10 and still slow. Both the Comskip and Handbrake taking a long time. Phase 2 of Comskip can be 45 minutes, and Handbrake hours. I tried several versions and settings and it seems to only get worse. For the short term I started converting on an older i5 and it is fast (15 minutes for 1hour show with 2.5.2). I am currently on 2.5.2 and still slow. I am attaching the logs from a 40 minute show last night that took 2 hours and 14 minutes. There was only one conversion taking place and the system was doing nothing else.
I read through a few other posts, but nothing that stands out. My hardware/drivers have not changed.
Here is my configuration:
Windows 7 Pro
Thinpad E540 laptop
Intel i7-4702MQ 2.2 ghz
12gb ram
Intel HD Graphics 4600
Samsung SSD 860 EVO boot drive
SC2 M2 SSD work drive for conversons
MCE files stored on USB 3.0 drive
Output to SSD boot drive.
7 News at 11PM_WHDHDT_2020_01_21_22_57_00.wtv-Les-2020-01-21T23-36-27.9850532-05-00.log (8.6 MB) mcebuddy.log (3.9 MB)

Your logs show that it’s using your Intel hardware encoder but for some reason it’s running really really slow.

2020-01-21T23:54:52 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.Handbrake --> Encoding: task 1 of 1, 0.05 %[23:54:52] qsv_enc_init: using ‘hardware (1) via D3D11’ implementation, API: 1.11
2020-01-21T23:54:56 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.Handbrake --> Encoding: task 1 of 1, 0.10 % (10.62 fps, avg 10.62 fps, ETA 01h09m10s)
2020-01-21T23:54:56 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.Handbrake --> Encoding: task 1 of 1, 0.10 % (10.62 fps, avg 10.62 fps, ETA 01h09m10s)
2020-01-21T23:54:56 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.Handbrake --> Encoding: task 1 of 1, 0.10 % (10.62 fps, avg 10.62 fps, ETA 01h09m10s)
2020-01-21T23:54:57 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.Handbrake --> Encoding: task 1 of 1, 0.10 % (6.42 fps, avg 9.47 fps, ETA 01h17m34s)
2020-01-21T23:54:57 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.Handbrake --> Encoding: task 1 of 1, 0.10 % (6.42 fps, avg 9.47 fps, ETA 01h17m34s)

It’s likely your graphics driver. Try using one of the recommended version from the Hardware FAQ page and see if that makes your hardware conversion go faster.

You mentioned that you tried using a different machine with an i5 processor which was fast, check the graphics driver version on that machine and try to use the same one.

Usually when the speed changes suddenly it’s because the windows update may have updated your graphics driver and the new one is buggy.

Okay, lots of troubleshooting. According to the specs, my system should support QuickSync, but the software wouldn’t load. I tried several different versions of the Intel HD2600 drivers and other drivers, but only the ones from Lenovo, v10.18.10.4425 would load and work.These are the latest drivers for the laptop, and the version that was installed and hasn’t been changed. I uninstalled and removed all of the video drivers, rebooted, then downloaded and installed this from a Lenovo download. Same slowness. Several more troubleshooting and still no good. So I removed 2.5.x and installed 2.4.11. Speeds is back. I am attaching two log files. The one with the slow fps is from 2.5 and the one with the faster conversions is 2.4.11. 7 News at 11PM_WHDHDT_2020_01_22_22_57_00.wtv-Convert to MP4-2020-01-23T12-06-16.6484061-05-00.log (1.3 MB) 7 News at 11PM_WHDHDT_2020_01_22_22_57_00.wtv-Convert to MP4-2020-01-23T14-34-04.8917023-05-00.log (1.1 MB)

Thanks for the logs, very helpful. I see two differences between the logs, one a small change in the profile using bframes which may be causing it go slower if your hardware doesn’t support it, and the other one is related to handbrake. Lets first eliminate the handbrake issue first.

Keep your 2.5.1 version of MCEBuddy installed and download this older version of handbrake: HandBrake

Open the folder C:\Program Files\MCEBuddy2x\handbrake and replace the handbrakecli.exe in that folder with the one from the downloaded ZIP file above.

Rerun the exact same conversion again with this version of handbrake in MCEBuddy (same profile, same file) and please attach the logs. That would tell me whether the issue is handbrake or the profile parameters.

That definitely helped. I think I’ll upgrade to 2.5.2 and use this handbrake. I am getting 170-180fps on my i5 system, and only 36fps on this system and I have no way to upgrade the video card. Next month when I get back home I’ll go ahead and put up a Win10 system with the latest NCEBuddy and a new video card dedicated to just do the conversions and leave this system just as a recorder. Anything else that can be done to speed this up until then?
Here’s the log.7 News at 11PM_WHDHDT_2020_01_22_22_57_00.wtv-Les-2020-01-23T22-45-54.5046016-05-00.log (2.7 MB)

Can you try the latest 2.5.3 BETA version, it has an updated version of handbrake which is supposed to improve the QuickSync encoder speed. Please run the same conversion (file, profile etc) through the 2.5.3. BETA build and attach the log so we can see is there’s any improvement with this release of handbrake.

2.5.3 - still slow. 1h 30m for a 40 min recording.
7 News at 11PM_WHDHDT_2020_01_22_22_57_00.wtv-Les-2020-01-24T09-48-22.log (6.1 MB)

Very helpful, I see some changes about how the new handbrake encoder on your machine. Let me look into it and come back to you. Please keep the original file/profile/task etc so we can run a comparative test.

Can you open your profile, at the end of the handbrake-video line add this (include a space at the end of the line before adding this):


Please rerun the conversion and attach the log.

Looks even slower. Says it will take another 2.5 hours. Here’s the log so far.7 News at 11PM_WHDHDT_2020_01_22_22_57_00.wtv-Les-2020-01-24T20-29-06.log (1.9 MB)

Here is the full log after conversion. Too large to upload. Here’s a link to it

This is great feedback. This confirms a few things about the new build of handbrake. Could you try this for a benchmark.

Open the profile and change




And convert the same file now to get a comparison of performance and share the log if possible. I think it should be even faster.

7 News at 11PM_WHDHDT_2020_01_22_22_57_00.wtv-Les-2020-01-25T08-50-14.log (3.4 MB)
Much better, but 41 minutes for a 43 min video still seems long. Back in October a 90 min video converted in 28 minutes. But still better than 1.5-2.5 hours for a 43 minute video.

Try today’s 2.5.3 BETA build it should restore the original performance

Took about 52 minutes.
7 News at 11PM_WHDHDT_2020_01_22_22_57_00.wtv-Les-2020-01-27T22-07-44.log (3.2 MB)

Okay try today’s 2.5.3 BETA build it should improve the performance of the MP4 Fast profile back inline with the 2.4.11 release.

A little faster. 45min vs 52 min.
7 News at 11PM_WHDHDT_2020_01_22_22_57_00.wtv-Les-2020-01-29T22-43-36.log (2.9 MB)

The encoder options look very similar now to the original log with one minor difference. Try today’s 2.5.3 beta build and see how that performs.

FBI- Most Wanted_WBZDT_2020_01_28_21_57_00.wtv-Les-2020-01-30T10-30-26.log (3.6 MB) 7 News at 11PM_WHDHDT_2020_01_22_22_57_00.wtv-Les-2020-01-30T09-35-22.log (2.4 MB)
Times are definitely better and acceptable for now. Thanks for your work. If you are doing this for just me then don’t put too much more into it. I plan on putting up a system just to do the conversions, and my other test machine is currently doing the conversions in about 1/3 these times so I will only have to live with this for another week. At least for now it isn’t taking all night to do 3-4 shows and all conversions are complete well before the next morning, even on my busy days. Here are two more logs for testing. I have noticed that Handbrake is not maxing out my CPU anymore, even with three conversions going on.

It has been a few years since I donated, and this is now a program I use a lot so I just sent another donation. Thanks for a great useful product.

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