Back to Back episodes - first get overridden by second

I installed 2.6.2 this week (was using 2.6.1 prior) and found a new metadata lookup bug. S.W.A.T had back to back episodes air on the same day and the second episode (S07E05) become S07E04 when the metadata lookup against TVDB was processed, overwriting the first processed episode (S07E04). I expected S07E05 to stay as S07E05.

S.W.A.T.S07E05.End of the Road.ts-Convert to MKV-2024-03-08T22-15-39.log (3.3 MB)
S.W.A.T.S07E04.Spare Parts.ts-Convert to MKV-2024-03-08T21-03-55.log (3.3 MB)

In your log it shows ‘Prioritize Air Date Matching’ so I think you have on that setting in the Internet Lookup Title and Metadata Correction window.
I had a bit different of an issue with episode name matching where S02E01.Episode 1 would end up as S01E1.Episode 1 due to the same name (it finds S01 episode with same name first) so possibly you turned on this setting to avoid.
I think it’s in beta 3 of 2.6.2 but they added a 3rd choice to priortize season/episode matching.
Might want to try that.

I didn’t use the betas, so this setting is new to this install and I didn’t set it. What would be the equivalent setting to how it worked in prior versions?

In the older versions it’s a checkbox. Believe unchecked was ‘prioritize episode naming’, and checked was ‘prioritize air date’.
I believe it’s only in the beta 3 they changed from a checkbox to a dropdown with those 2 choices + a new ‘prioritize season/episode no’.

In the older versions I think it was unchecked, so would have been prioritize episode naming.

Keep in mind, both of these come with possible issues.
As I mentioned, if a show in tvdb just has generic names like ‘episode 1’, it will end up matching Season 1 since it sees that first.
With air date, I think you are running into same issue, that it’s matching against the first one it sees which is the episode 4.

The new setting was an attempt to avoid both problems - and so far so good for me,

This is the setting in the older version of the UI

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Thanks jsam01.