SeriesPremiereDate retrieved, then lost on partial match

Trying to In my rename as follows:
Custom Rename by Series → %showname% (%premiereyear%)\

One series ‘fails’ to find %premiereyear%, but here is what I see in the attached log:

    _Line 219: SeriesPremiereDate: 1899-12-31T18:00:00_

_ Line 244: SeriesPremiereDate: 1899-12-31T18:00:00_
_ Line 273: SeriesPremiereDate: 1899-12-31T18:00:00_
_ Line 303: SeriesPremiereDate: 2007-09-09T19:00:00_
_ Line 332: SeriesPremiereDate: 2007-09-09T19:00:00_
_ Line 376: SeriesPremiereDate: 1899-12-31T18:00:00_

It ‘finds’ the correct premiere info 2 times, but I think ? the last attempt is taking precedent, as I get

WARNING> → Cannot find PremiereYear

Is there a way any valid date can supercede an invalid or blank date in metadata retrieval?

TMZ S11E165 20180314 [20180315-0400].mpg-tv1-2018-03-15T22-41-42.4072331-05-00.log (1.1 MB)

It didn’t find the matching information. What you’re seeing is partial information which cannot be matched.

Your original metadata from HDHR says:

Title: TMZ
Season: 11
Episode: 165

When it tries to match that information against the internet database, it found the series name TMZ which had the series premiere date (2007-09-09T19:00:00) but it could not find any season 11 Episode 165 so it didn’t update anything.

Try today’s 2.4.9 BETA build, we’ve added a check if the IMDB ID for the series is a confirmed match it will save what information it can that’s missing even if the episode information can’t be found (i.e it will save the series premiere date, but only on a confirmed IMDB Id match).