Original Filename info / airtime and Duplicates

I’m thinking this is the expected behavior but wanted to see if I am correct in this case.

Situation - Regarding TV Shows, SiliconDust HDHomeRun includes Airdate and Recorddate in filenames; i.e.
South Park S02E05 19980603 [20180321-2250].mpg

I’d like to keep this information, but am I correct that either using custom renaming -
Either %originalfilename% -
Or [%recordyear%%recordmonth%%recordday%-%recordhour%%recordminute%]

WILL this (?) create duplicates for any episode recorded with a different recordtime?
[I.e I record same episode at different times:
I.e. MCEBuddy will NOT see these as dupes since the names will be different:

TMZ - S11E169-20180319 20180320-1730-20180319 20180320-1729.mkv
TMZ - S11E169-20180319 20180320-0400-20180319 20180320-0359.mkv

I’m trying to skip as a duplicate anytime this is the same:

%showname%\Season %season%%showname% - S%season%##E%episode%##
like : TMZ - S11E169-20180319 in the case above.

BUT still be able to keep the airtime info for ones converted.

That’s correct, if the filenames are different and metadata (record time) is different then going by the logic you’re using it will treat them as different files.

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