Program cannot resolve the individual TV Show names. All converted files have same name

I have been using the program for several years and it has usually worked just find. But I have this one TV show I am trying to convert (“City Homicide” ) that the program does not seem to be able to find new file names for. As a result every file it converts gets the same name. I know this for sure because once I figured it out I renamed the file and the next file conversion had the old name but is a different show. Not sure how to fix this. There are several shows a day and it would be a real pain to have to keep renaming the last file before I convert another one.

None of the many other show I have recorded have this issue. It is a new TV station in town showing British TV shows here in the US.

I am using HD HomeRun for the recordings.
The file names that don’t work look like this:
City Homicide 20070827 [20220113-2200].mpg
City Homicide 20070827 [20220115-0500]
Midsomer Murders 19970323 [20220115-0300].mpg
But these do:
Blue Heelers 19930910 [20220113-1900].mpg
Blue Heelers 19930910 [20220115-0200].mpg
CSI Cyber S02E07 20151115 [20220115-0500].mpg

From what I read on here but did not fully understand if Mcebuddy can’t find the show info it should use the date for the file. But it outputs a single file called S01E01-In The Hands Of Giants (1).mp4 in the City Homicide directory.

Attach the logs please. Can’t tell what’s going on without them

City Homicide 20070827 [20220105-2200].mpg-Convert to MP4-2022-01-05T18-08-35.log (782.7 KB)
City Homicide 20070827 [20220107-2200].mpg-Convert to MP4-2022-01-07T20-50-52.log (793.6 KB)
City Homicide 20070827 [20220113-0500].mpg-Convert to MP4-2022-01-13T13-45-11.log (875.1 KB)
Midsomer Murders 19970323 [20220113-0400].mpg-Convert to MP4-2022-01-13T13-53-28.log (810.1 KB)
Midsomer Murders 19970323 [20220113-2000].mpg-Convert to MP4-1900-01-01T00-00-00.log (826.6 KB)

These are recorded using SiliconDust HDHR and MCEBuddy is going by the metadata embedded in these files. All of these files have the exact same metadata (Title + Description and they don’t have any series/episode no or subtitle details) which is why the resulting filename is the same. It looks like your HDHR device isn’t storing the correct metadata in the files

Thanks, I guessed that and have contacted them but don’t have any reply yet. They also have some issues with TV shows not showing up in their TV schedule software. Might have to look for something else to do the actual recording with. It seems to be hard to find software that has an accurate schedule, but then it’s got to be a tough job. We have something like 62 free OTA channels now here in Columbus OH.