MceBuddy overiding Subtitle on HDHR

MceBuddy is overriding the HDHomerun Subtitle with the file name.
Laramie - S01E23 - 20190606 1800.mpg-RenameHDHRUncut-2019-06-07T08-29-41.9689304-07-00.log (101.8 KB)

Hmm I see what’s happening.
MCEBuddy extracts the metadata from the file then.
Then it tries to parse the filename and extract the metadata from there

MCEBuddy.MetaData.VideoMetaData --> Trying to match nPVR/SiliconDust series showname -> Laramie - S01E23 - 20190606 1800

This takes precedence over the metadata filename.

Now that is a conundrum because of most files the filename has a more accurate metadata than the embedded metadata.

So wondering if adding another option to choose to parse filename (I don’t personally like adding more options, makes it too complex) or for HDHR ignore filename metadata or another option if anyone has a suggestion.

Thanks for looking at this sometimes it corrects the file name …. The HDHomerun file names are not really great to extract the Subtitle as they do not contain it. Maybe if running HDHomerun recording ignore the Subtitle file name parsing.

Walker, Texas Ranger S03E20 19950311 [20190607-2000]

The log attached shows a corrected one.

Walker, Texas Ranger S03E19 19950225 [20190607-1900].mpg-RenameHDHRUncut-2019-06-07T13-02-21.8021804-07-00.log (123.6 KB)

This keeps happening … I will temporarily stop using on HDHomeRun recordings until a fixed is in place …. Thanks.

The Prisoner S01E02 [20190609-1815].mpg-RenameHDHRUncut-2019-06-09T12-33-28.2560453-07-00.log (114.1 KB)

2.4.11 Appears to have fixed the problem …. Thanks
The Prisoner S01E08 [20190610-0145].mpg-RenameHDHRUncut-2019-06-09T20-02-12.0283474-07-00.log (102.7 KB)