Episode Renaming not working properly 2.4.10

Just upgraded to 2.4.10 from 2.4.8 and I’m finding that episode renaming isn’t seeming to work correctly.
For example I have a file I’ve named: Mission Impossible_S06E15_tt0649283.ts
And it’s renaming it to: S06E15-tt0649283.mp4.
It should name it as S06E15-The Bride.mp4

With the previous version exact same file formatting structure episode 14 is named: S06E14-The Connection.mp4. I’ve now run into this with 3 different shows.

I see some nullreferenceexceptions in the log.

Mission Impossible_S06E15_tt0649283.ts-Convert to MP4-2019-04-12T21-29-30.8019010-04-00.log (1.5 MB)

You filename format is invalid, it’s mixed.

See this topic for details for formats recognized by MCEBuddy: Renaming, Extracting Metadata from Files and Downloading from the Internet


Your filename seems to match the second pattern so it’s taking the subtitle as the IMDBID

Title: Mission Impossible
SubTitle: tt0649283
Network Affiliate:
Parental Rating:
Media Credits:
Season: 6
Episode: 15

Since there is already a subtitle present, MCEBuddy won’t overwrite it from the internet. In the next version of MCEBuddy we’ll give an option to overwrite the metadata from the internet (e.g. TVDB, TMDB etc).

For now you should change your filename format to match either of the two formats above. If you want it to use the IMDBID then remove the SxxExx from the filename and it’ll download the details directly for that IMDBID.

I’ll try skipping my manual defining of season and episode I guess. It’s just that it was working perfectly fine in 2.4.8 with how I was defining the names but maybe that was due to a bug in that version that happened to work for me.

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