Converted tv shows missing Episode and season number

Using version 2.5. This problem started in December. When converting wtv files to mp4 the titles of the converted files are missing the Season and Episode number. They contain the correct title. Using the same profile and I cannot see what may have changed. As far as I can recall the converted tv titles have had the Season and Episode listed in the title. Is there a setting somewhere in McBuddy that may have gotten changed? Thanks for any help.

If you attach the conversion log we can see what’s going on. Most likely it’s your renaming pattern options in the conversion task.

Here are two log files. Thank you for your help.

mcebuddy.log (3.39 MB)

NCIS- Los Angeles_WDEFDT_2020_01_12_20_59_16.wtv-Convert to MP4-2020-01-12T22-14-35.2029242-05-00.log (3.54 MB)

On your Conversion task -> Expert settings page you’ve forced the type to Movie, hence no season or episode no:

Force Show Type -> Movie

And you’re using 2.5.1 and not 2.5.2

INFORMATION> --> MCEBuddy Build Version :

2.5 release 1