Reducing file size

HI is there anyway to compress a video file with the mcebuddy software i know that a other software called handbrake that compresses video files what i need to know is will mcebuddy compress a video file like if i have a 4gb movie can i compress it to less that 1gb i know that handbrake software will do that and keep the quailty of the video file the same and it will be a smaller video file but will mcebuddy software do that.

I used the H.265 / AC3 Codecs to reduce my videos, thus reducing my NAS storage cost.

I run a powershell script for all my archives TV shows, Classic Movies, and other video that I want to keep forever separate from MCEBuddy’s task for recording and removing commercials.

$command = "ffmpeg -i `"$($file.FullName)`" -c:v libx265 -crf 28 -preset fast -vf scale=1280:720 -b:a 128k -threads 4 `"$($output)`""

With the 2.6.3 builds you can also do AV1 encoding which further reduces the file size (at the cost of time to compress it and with improved quality)