Archiving when destination filename is exactly the same as the source filename


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When you’ve configured your conversion task to write back to the original location with the exact same original filename, MCEBuddy won’t be able to archive the original file, instead it will end up overwriting it.

This is an architectural limitation of MCEBuddy because the way it works it that the conversion task has to finish before the archiving task starts. However in this case since the conversion task is overwriting the original file (same filename), by the time the archiving task starts the original file already overwritten and there is nothing to archive.

The workaround for this limitation is to write a custom command that saves the original file before the conversation task finishes there by preserving the original file. In essence it’s doing the the job of the archiving task but through a custom command while the conversion task is still running.

Add this custom command to your profile:

CustomCommandParameters="/c move /y "%sourcefile%" "D:\YYY\%originalfilename%-Backup.%originalext%""

This will copy the original file and place it in the folder D:\YYY and will name the file <filename>-Backup.<extension> before the conversion task finishes and replaces the original file with the converted file.

You can change the destination folder and change the filename structure to suit your needs.

@ImCoKeMaN picking up on your last comment on the previous discussion forum, this cannot be done through the GUI because it’s a hard limitation on the architecture but you can include these lines into your profile (you can use a custom profiles.conf file and point MCEBuddy to it so you don’t lose it after an upgrade)

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