Conversions fails on Archive command

I am using MCEBuddy for post processing with Plex DVR. I have set under general settings to have the original file archived. I created an archive folder and have pointed to that folder in the systems settings. The conversion goes through the entire conversion (removing commercials, converting to MP4). The program fails when trying to archive the original file. Upon failure the program deletes everything in the working directory including the ad-stripped/converted file and leaves just the original file in its original location.

Original file is an MPEG2VIDEO with .TS extension
converting to MP4
All folders including original, archive and working are on local drives.

I don’t see any logs, mcebuddy.log and conversion log

mcebuddy.log (484.5 KB)
Celebrity Name Game (2014) - S03E62 - Episode 62.ts-Plex DVR Comskip-2017-07-27T18-38-02.3671411-04-00.log (1.2 MB)

The log files don’t offer much insight but here they are.

I figured it out. The archive command does not like long FAT32 path names. The archive folder was named “G:\DVR Archive” and even though I selected the folder using the dialog it didn’t like it. I changed the folder name to G:\DVRArch and it works fine. DOS 8.3 naming convention strikes again.

No, that isn’t the problem. The problem was hidden in your conversion log. Some process is blocking the converted file while MP4Box is working on it. Likely an antivirus or something else monitoring that folder is putting a read lock on the file. MP4Box fails to rename the file because of the lock and subsequently MCEBuddy can’t find the file it was expecting and it fails the conversion. We’ve seen this before, put an exclusion for your temp working folder into your antivirus or disable other software which may be monitoring your temp folder. See these lines from your logs

2017-07-27T18:56:34 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.MP4Box --> Error renaming file out_Celebrity Name Game (2014) - S03E62 - Episode 62.mp4 to C:\Temp\DVRConv\working0\Celebrity Name Game (2014) - S03E62 - Episode 62.mp4

ERROR> 2017-07-27T18:56:38 MCEBuddy.Engine.ConversionJob --> Converted file has been renamed or deleted by custom command -> C:\Temp\DVRConv\working0\Celebrity Name Game (2014) - S03E62 - Episode 62.mp4