Post process script and network drive issues

I’ve followed the reddit guide and was able to get the monitor option to work correctly with MCEBuddy but I wanted to use the postprocess script instead to streamline things a bit more. However, once my script executes it states the following error (which was covered in the reddit guide’s comments but I still can’t get it to work).

Example error:

WARNING> 2017-06-24T04:59:52 MCEBuddy.Engine.QueueManager --> Manually selected file \DISKSTATION\Media\Movies\TV Shows.grab\e253b954cfca11c6de4a879afbeda5e30224c390\The Insider (2004) - S13E245 - Episode 245.mkv does not exist or MCEBuddy doesn’t have read permissions, skipping

Here the postprocess script I am using:

@echo off
C:\Progra~1\MCEBuddy2x\MCEBuddy.UserCLI.exe --command=engine --action=start 
timeout /t 2 /nobreak > NUL
set tmpv=%1
set tmpv=%tmpv:~4%
set tmpunc="\\DISKSTATION\Media\%tmpv%
echo %tmpunc%
C:\Progra~1\MCEBuddy2x\MCEBuddy.UserCLI.exe --command=addfile --action=%tmpunc%
timeout /t 10 /nobreak > NUL
for /f "delims=" %%o in ('C:\Progra~1\MCEBuddy2x\MCEBuddy.UserCLI.exe --command=jobstatus --action=%1 --quiet') do set status=%%o
if %status% == "not present" (
) else (
	timeout /t 2 /nobreak > NUL
	goto loop

I looked briefly at your code and I noticed you are not correctly using unc paths. Also you missed a quote. instead of

set tmpunc="\DISKSTATION\Media\%tmpv%


set tmpunc="\\DISKSTATION\Media\%tmpv%"

edit: there should be 2 back slashes before DISKSTATION. I don’t know why it is only showing one.

That was a rendering issue since this forum uses CommonMark markup language, a \\ will show up as \. Fixed the post by encapsulating the code in code brackets.

Does MCEBuddy have access to \\DISKSTATION\Media\Movies? Have you entered the credentials for the network drive into MCEBuddy? If not then MCEBuddy can’t access it. Unless you’re running MCEBuddy as a command line engine (which runs in the context of the logged in user), it runs in kernel space and user space mappings dont’ exist there.

See the Common Issues post for details on this error and how to fix it.