Run post process script

So I am asking this question because I cannot find any options to do it but maybe I am missing it. Can you have mcebuddy2 execute a script after it completes it’s transcode and rename task?

If you want to know the long reason why then read on. I have given up on using MCEbuddy2 with my mapped NAS drives. It works for a few hours then can no longer access them. Spent hours troubleshooting it and frankly not worth anymore time it just doesnt work even close to reliable to use that option. So my Plex is on my NAS and works flawlessly so once the files are transcoded and renamed I would like mcebuddy2 to execute a powershell script or command to simply move the files to the mapped drive location for Plex to see them. Anyone found a place to have mcebuddy2 issue such a post process command?

Yes you can use CustomCommands, see here for details:

You can custom commands at different times in the conversion cycle, see the different locations here:

Pick the one appropriate for you, likely it will be CustomCommand