MCEBuddy - Conversion Process Overview


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A quick view of the high level conversion process

(as of 2.3.15)

  • Prior to conversion process start, the queue manager does a check using the configured filters for
    • Monitor taskname matching to linked conversion tasks
    • Metadata matching (without downloading additional from internet)
      • Filename match
      • Showname match
      • Network/Channel match
      • Showtype match
  • PreMetaCustomCommand
  • Extract metadata (including reading XML, TiVO etc) and download from the internet
  • Check filters for skipping file reprocessing
  • PreCustomCommand
  • Check disk space
  • Save source SRT, EDL, EDLP, VPRJ files
  • Remux to MPEGTS or Copy source file to temp (if not remuxing)
  • Trim video
  • Scan with comskip/showanalyzer (if EDL/EDLP file is not saved earlier)
  • Extract subtitles (if SRT file is not saved earlier)
  • Analyze video info/details
  • PreCommercialRemovalCustomCommand
  • Remove advertisements (pre-conversion if configured)
    • Trim subtitles (if EDL exists)
  • Reanalyze video info/details and get cropping details
  • Convert the file (fallback to various encoders if configured)
    • Fix audio delay
    • Remux to required format
  • Remove the commercials if there weren’t removed earlier
    • Trim subtitles (if EDL exists)
  • Add subtitles and chapters to the file
  • Write metadata to file
  • Write XML file metadata
  • Rename the file
  • CustomCommand
  • Move the final file to destination
  • Add the final file to the iTunes/WMP library
  • Move the remaining files (if found) to the destination (XML, SRT, EDL, EDLP, NFO, LOG)
  • PostCustomCommand
  • Queue manager will clean up and move/delete the original files
  • DONE

NOTE: The items that are indented only take place if the Rename and Move files only (i.e. no conversion/processing) is NOT checked.

Run post process script
Some files are being left as mkvs...not converting to mp4
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