Stuttering and pixelation after commercial using custom cuts

I have not been happy with any of the automated commercial cutting, despite trying to tweak it a bit. I decided that I would use Custom Cuts to crop files perfectly when adding to my library.

The problem: After a cut commercial, the video is often stuttering and pixelated for about 5 seconds. Then it clears up and plays perfectly. Next commercial cut is often another bout of stuttering. It is an issue with video only. There is no issues whatsoever with the audio.

I use custom cuts to create my edl files, then run MCEBuddy to trim and convert to h.265. I’m not sure why using custom cuts to create my edl files would cause issues, but the problem didn’t seem to happen nearly as much when I let comskip do the job automatically (and poorly).

Ever seen this before? Any ideas?

Actually, I need to be more clear. Custom cuts sometimes has probelms opening wmv files, so I convert first.

It goes:

  • use MCEBuddy to convert file from wmv to h.265
  • Open in custom cuts and create edl
  • Run MCEBuddy to remove commercials using edl, no file conversion.