How to automatically convert MKV to MP4 and retain the Subtitles and Chapters

How to transcode MKV to MP4 (change containers without recoding) and preserve subtitles and chapters

Here’s a great way to use MCEBuddy to transcode MKV files to MP4 files automatically using the power of MCEBuddy to batch process.

  1. Create a Monitor Task with the following settings
    a. Set the Monitor Path to your folder full of MKV (or mixed) files
    b. Set the Search Pattern to *.MKV in the Monitor Task
    c. (Optionally) select the option to Delete Original File in the Expert Settings page if you don’t want to keep the original MKV file after transcoding to MP4
  1. Create a Conversion Task with the following settings
    a. Profile → MP4 Unprocessed
    b. Destination → (leaving it blank will place the transcoded file in the original directory)
    c. Ad remover → Select None
    d. Uncheck Rename and sort by video information
    e. (Optionally) check Extract subtitles and closed captions if you want to preserve any subtitle tracks
    f. Click on Expert Settings
    g. (Optionally) uncheck Download information if you don’t want MCEBuddy to download additional metadata from the internet (speeds it up)
    h. (Optionally) uncheck Add information if you won’t want MCEBuddy to add the metadata to the transcoded MP4 file (speeds it up)
    i. (Optionally) check Add subtitles and chapters if you want MCEBuddy to add the subtitle tracks and chapters (either from SRT files or those extracted from the MKV file) to the MP4 file
    j. Check Skip remuxing files (don’t forget this)

Click Start on the MCEBuddy application and you’re Done!!

Enjoy a totally seamless hasslefree automated conversion of your library from MKV to MP4 while, optionally, preserving your chapters and subtitles.


This is awesome but i have one question. Can i do this to my current profile, but it NOT run on anything it has already ran on? Case is, i have already run MCE on anything that was over 6mbps bitrate. If i do this, will it do those again or see that it has already encoded them once and not do it again. Hopefully the latter. Thank you!!!