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Distributed Encoding across Multiple Machines

Thanks to JoshDi for putting this together: I created a BAT file script to help coordinate distributed MCEBuddy conversions across my two machines: HTPC and HTPC-Bedroom (Bedroom) I run the following script every 5 minu…

2 June 12, 2017
MCEBuddy - Advanced Settings, Commands and Tweaking

Advanced concepts to use MCEBuddy Refer to the MCEBuddy Profiles Basics page to learn about basic Profiles creation MCEBuddy GUI Startup Options MCEBuddy support the following options while starting the GUI (MCEBudd…

4 June 12, 2017
Downloading MCEBuddy and Premium Access Program

First of all we want to thank you all for your support to keep MCEBuddy going. Given the ongoing hardware/software costs to develop, support and test MCEBuddy, we will be spending limited time on making free releases. T…

3 June 12, 2017
MCEBuddy - Solution to Common Errors and Issues

With newer MCEBuddy builds (2.3.15 and later) the video conversions fail randomly (sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t) Cause When hardware acceleration is enabled, the stability of the conversion depends upon th…

2 June 11, 2017
MCEBuddy - Understanding Profiles Basics

MCEBuddy Profiles Basics MCEBuddy profiles are in the profiles.conf file. One can create new profiles or customize existing ones to tweak them and match you requirements which very often differ from country to country. …

2 June 11, 2017
MCEBuddy - Conversion Process Overview

A quick view of the high level conversion process (as of 2.3.15) Prior to conversion process start, the queue manager does a check using the configured filters for Monitor taskname matching to linked conversion tasks M…

2 June 11, 2017
MCEBuddy - Common Install, Uninstall and Start Up Issues

Sometimes MCEBuddy will run into various issues while installing, uninstalling or starting the application. Listed below are some of the common error messages and resolution steps. Please make sure you DO NOT SKIP any st…

2 June 11, 2017
MCEBuddy - How to Get Started - User Guides

Please search the forum before posting your question, most likely your question has already been asked and answered. The search on this forum is a very good resource. Below are some guides to get you started with MCEBudd…

2 June 10, 2017
Creating Multiple Audio Tracks from a Single Audio Track 1 July 27, 2017