Creating Multiple Audio Tracks from a Single Audio Track


(RBoy) #1

Just a tip, some folks are trying to take a single audio track and convert it into a multiple Audio Tracks. Here is a method used by Wilky13, transcribing:

Summary: I want an mp4 file with stream 1: H.264 video, stream 2: 2-ch AAC audio, stream 3: 6-ch AC3 audio. I am modifying the default MP4 High Quality profile.

Got handbrake working with:

handbrake-audio=-E faac,ffac3 -R auto -B 384
handbrake-audioac3=-E faac,copy:ac3

Got ffmpeg working with:

ffmpeg-audio=-map 0:1 -map 0:1 -c:a:0 libfdk_aac -ab 192k -ac 2 -c:a:1 ac3 -ab 192k
ffmpeg-audioac3=-map 0:1 -map 0:1 -c:a:0 libfdk_aac -ab 384k -ac 2 -c:a:1 copy

This is the basic construct, you can modify as appropriate. Refer to the Advanced Commands documentation and Profile Basics documentation to understand the differences between audio and audioac3

Getting both AAC and AC3 audio streams