How to setup MCEBuddy on PlexDVR


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Guide from Wiidesire:

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I have the Plex DVR set up and it seems to always add the (year) to the title. My SickRage doesn’t reliably match the shows when the year is in the name so I was wondering if anyone has a workaround for this (other than chaining filebot script to MCEbuddy)?

I have tried using MCEbuddy to separate it out, but since the year is part of the title coming in, it doesn’t remove.

Anyone know of a hidden option in Plex DVR to format its output naming? All my shows in Plex are without (year) so pushing them right into Plex creates an additional show folder instead of adding to the existing folder.


I wish I did. I posted to Plex and they say it somebody else’s problem. I am ready to go back to nPVR. Plex DVR is great except for their untested addition of the year in the title.

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FYI MCEBuddy now includes a version with hardware acceleration of Comskip out of the box .

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I know this is from a long time ago, but in case anyone is still looking for a solution, I ended up using a regex in the metadata correction options in MCEBuddy to resolve this. I’m not that good at regex, but this pattern seems to match and strip out the year if there is one.

Original Title: regex:([\w\s]+) \(\d\d\d\d\)
Corrected Title: regex:$1