Need help with organizing converted files from Plex DVR



I had been using MCEBuddy to rename converted WTV files to match Plex’s organization paradigm and was very happy with the results. Using this custom renaming string:

%ismovie%<\Movies%showname% (%airyear%),%issport%<\Sports%showname%.%episodename%.%recordyear%-%recordmonth%-%recordday%,\TV Series%showname%%showname%.S%season%##E%episode%##.%episodename%>>

would convert my WTV files to mp4 and place them on another drive sorted into their respective folders: Movies, Sports and TV Series (leaving the originals alone).

Since switching to using Plex DVR, trying to use the same custom file renaming doesn’t work (shows are not correctly identified by type and the names are getting screwed up) and while I’m confused as to why, I’m more interested in figuring out how to recreate a scheme that will accomplish the organization I was using before. I don’t think I need to actually change the file names from what Plex originally named them (I think the Plex DVR given names are already optimized for Plex’s artwork matching).


(RBoy) #2

Check your conversion log to see what metadata is being extracted from the file.


I have found that Plex DVR includes the date in the program name which is not included in the TVDB. That causes MCEBuddy to fail in renaming. My post on the Plex forum is ignored as they seem to think it is a problem caused by MCEBuddy or TVDB and they won’t fix it!

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Can you attach your conversion log?


Let me know if you can’t reach this: Sign In to your Plex Account | Plex

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Can’t reach it but do attach your conversion log and the NFO/XML metadata file created by Plex DVR so I can see what information is being extracted by MCEBuddy.