File move and rename removes the show title

I use plex for recording and them MCEBuddy monitoring to transcode remove commercials and move the files. Plex records and names the .ts files correctly, but when MCEBuddy moves them the show names are removed. Example Plex : Showname - S01E01 - Episode Title.ts After conversion they go in the correct folder but look like this S01E01 - Episode Title.ts. I have looked everywhere for a solution. This is more of a nuisance than anything.

If you don’t want MCEBuddy to rename the files (i.e. use the original file name), turn off the Rename and sort by video information in the conversion task or you can Enable custom file renaming and create your own renaming pattern:

Thanks for the comment. I have used custom naming before. And honestly not changing the name is probably the best solution. It just seems odd that plex names them correctly and then MCEbuddy with the default naming convention strips the show name. This seems to be a bad behavior. I have turned off naming and will test it out. hopefully it will but it in the correct folders upon conversion.

I have the same setup with MCEBuddy doing a conversion to Mp4 as well. Cuts the size of the files tremendously. The encoder seems to work well. If you are a purist you can stick to the .ts files, but .mp4 will save you a lot of hard drive space. Especially useful if you are just using it for the DVR function. I have plex put the .ts file into one folder. monitored by MCEBuddy. Then Buddy converts, strips the commercials, puts it into my Plex DVR folder and deletes the original. Works great for me. The custom naming mentioned by Goose works quite well with %showname%\Season %season%##%showname% - S%season%##E%episode%## - %episodename%

Same setup except .mkv

What do you find is the advantage of .mkv over .mp4?

Typically when using Handbrake I found that MKV files tended to compress a bit smaller so I started with that format. With the current defaults in MCEBuddy it doesn’t seem to matter, so I think it is just a preference.

@Goose Your solution didn’t work. If you do that it not only stops the renaming, but also the organization. It puts the files in the root destination folder. So what I need is to figure out why the show names are getting removed or figure out a way to have mcebuddy organize without renaming.

MCEBuddy has two default conventions, the one you’ve seen and the Organize by seasons but you can always create your own structure including folders and file names to suit your needs such as the one described by @kennethrhoffman