Plex MPEG-2 TS File Commercial Removal and File Renaming with No Format Conversion

Hello - I am using Plex to record TV shows and the file output is a MPEG-2 TS File. I would like to use MCEBuddy to complete a commercial removal and file renaming step. I am not interested in changing the video format at all so I believe if I can process the file with no format type change, that would be the best way to complete the process of removing the commercial the fastest way without impact video quality. Based upon the hints found within the conversion task windows, I believe using the TS Uncompressed would be the best option to accomplish this.

Can anyone confirm my understanding of what TS Uncompressed conversion tasks does and is the best option to what I am trying to do?

Configure Plex to transcode to mp4 when recording. It’s a option on the DVR device settings. Then you’ll have smaller files and faster commercial detection. Note you’ll still have a TS container, and then MCEBuddy can convert it to an mp4 container (if you like)