Working backwards question?

I use MCEbuddy and just getting started With another PC running Windows 11 Pro for PLEX which I purchased Nvidia Quadro P2200 for Transcoding Question PLEX has Commercial remover what I see is a File hog taking up to much drive space. I like ORDER and PLEX is a Pain ! So I want to Start with MCEbuddy as last so it can take out commercials and change format to MP4 but I don’t see a way to do that with PLEX so looking for recommendations for PVR using 2 HDhomerun total 6 tuners. Which is working with Win7 WMC with MCEbuddy. And this Win7 will be terminated.
That way TV shows are scanned and placed on WIndows 11 drive for PLEX to scan them in. And I still get to keep my MP4 and nfo just incase I might go back and use KODI.

P.S. saving electric with 2 systems down to 1 and me transferring TV shows over to the PLEX system which I am doing now :frowning:

Hope the P2200 card helps with Hardware Encoding since it was stupid pricey.

This is actually easy to do using Plex. You need to create the batch file shown below and place it in your plex media server/scripts directory. Then in your plex settings under the dvr settings be sure to put the path to your script under POSTPROCESSING SCRIPT like this:
C:\plex media server\scripts\MCEBuddyScriptv2.bat

Here is the script.

@echo off
C:\Progra~1\MCEBuddy2x\MCEBuddy.UserCLI.exe --command=engine --action=start 
timeout /t 2 /nobreak > NUL
C:\Progra~1\MCEBuddy2x\MCEBuddy.UserCLI.exe --command=addfile --action=%1
timeout /t 10 /nobreak > NUL
for /f "delims=" %%o in ('C:\Progra~1\MCEBuddy2x\MCEBuddy.UserCLI.exe --command=jobstatus --action=%1 --quiet') do set status=%%o
if %status% == "not present" (
) else (
	timeout /t 2 /nobreak > NUL
	goto loop

Good luck!

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So this will reformat my PLEX TV recording to mp4 and delete the original ?