Confused by Re-naming

I use NextPVR to record from TV and that saves a movie file as moviename+date of release. This is exacly what I want for MCEBuddy to use when it strips out adds and moves the files in Plex directory. What must I do to set this up because at present MCEBuddy changes the folder and file names and Plex can’t read them. I’ve not changed anything in MCEBuddy so assume I have to add in my own custom renaming? But what do I put?

Hi @rod,
It sounds what you really want is for MCEBuddy not to rename at all. This is easy enough to turn off to see if it gets you the results you want.
In MCEBuddy GUI click Settings, Select the Conversion Task you want to modify and click the Change button. Expand Advanced settings by clicking the down arrow on the right. Under the Renaming and sorting section Uncheck Rename and sort by video information. You probably don’t want any of these boxes checked in this section.

If you find that you still aren’t getting the results you want you can go back in and check Rename and sort by video information and also check Enable custom file renaming and in the text input below it enter %originalfilename% this will use the original filename of the source file without the extension.

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Thanks very much, problem solved.

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