Moving a video file without the folder it resides in

Hi, I’m recording movies from TV using Plex and an antenna. As you may know, Plex will save a movie into its own folder. I am simply trying to move the .TS files into a single folder (so they don’t have their own), without transcoding. Currently with MCEbuddy, it copies the folder that the movie resides in. Any way to stop it from copying the folder, and just copy the movie?


It depends on how you’ve configured you’re destination folder and renaming pattern. The destination file and folder structure comes from the renaming pattern in the conversion task.
You’ll need to provide more details/screenshots about your setup or attach your mcebuddy.conf file to see the settings.

Hi Goose, I think I figured it out… Just had to put the \ before %originalfilename%… It seemed like it was only for adding folders, but apparently it can work the other way too.

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