File organization question

I would like to know how I can setup file renaming and organization correctly so that MCE Buddy creates series, and season folders with each episode named SHOWNAME - S##E## - Episode Name for TV shows. For movies, I would like MCE Buddy to nest each movie inside of its own folder named after said movie. For renaming and sorting I currently have this but it doesn’t nest movies inside of their own folders. Recording%ismovie%<Movies%showname%,TVShows%showname%\Season %season%%showname% - S%season%##E%episode%##> Thanks.

The renaming works off the metadata it extracts from the file. For example if your file metadata doesn’t indicate that it’s a movie (the default assumption is that it’s a TV show), then your renaming pattern will not treat it as movie.

It looks like you were missing a second showname for your ismovies true statement.
Try this:
Recording\%ismovie%<Movies\%showname%\%showname%,TVShows\%showname%\Season %season%\%showname% - S%season%##E%episode%##>

Here is one that I use that has a little more complexity and checks.
%ismovie%<Movies\%showname%%ifairdate%< (%airyear%),>\%showname%,TV\%showname%%ifpremieredate%< (%premiereyear%),>\Season %ifseason%<%season%##,00>\%showname% - S%ifseason%<%season%##,00>E%episode%## - %episodename%>

This will include the premiere year of the movie or original air year if available for the show. This makes matching in Plex better. And will all the remakes anymore…
So for a movie it will be something like:
Movies\The Fifth Element (1997)\The Fifth Element.mkv
For a show:
TV\Rick and Morty (2013)\Season 01\Rick and Morty - S01E11 - Ricksy Business.mkv

In the case where Season is null in the meta data I will default to 00.

Lots of cool stuff you can do here.

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I’ll try that out, thanks.