Show and Episode Lookup no metadata

I recently switched from wmc with wtv files to tvheadend. I have tvheadend recording natively to .ts format… There appears to be no metadata embedded in a .ts?

I have spent some time trying to get mcebuddy to find the metadata online successfully (and can as long as it is simply showname - s01e01) however if there is any additional information the lookup fails. My tvheadend output is something like… showname - s01e01 - channel name - record date.ts

What happens is that any additional information gets added to either the showname or the subtitle field causing mcebuddy to fail to look up the proper information online.

I used a mass renamer to remove all additional information from the file names… and end up with just showname s01e01 however I end up having duplicate file names as I typically have multiple recordings of the same episodes (that i later review and ensure they are properly recorded) so i would need to be able to name my pool of yet to be processed shows as showname - s01e01 -2 or (2) or [2) just to delineate a duplicate however it seems any additional characters get processed into either showname or subtitle.

i wonder if a checkbox could be added to “only use s01e01” and showname as identifier… ignore any information after s01e01 is found… i could have showname - s01e01 - anythingiwantbutitisignoredbymcebuddy.

Perhaps when mcebuddy finds special characters it could remove them AND what is inside. for example i tried doing as follows [02] showname s01e01 and mcebuddy removed the [ ] and the showname became 02 showname

Thank you!!

We constantly update MCEBuddy to support new naming conventions. If you can provide us with sample naming conventions for the following we can see how to add support for it:

  1. Series shows (those with season / episodes)
  2. Movies
  3. Sports
  4. News
  5. Documentaries / etc

Thank you for the reply! it isn’t even so much requesting a new naming convention, it’s more of trying to focus mcebuddy to “latch on” to even just showname and season/episode information and EXCLUDE other erroneous data in the string. It seems now that any additional text in the naming scheme that is not show name, subtitle, season/episode, original air date, gets “glued” to whichever of those variables it is nearest to.

for example original showname [12] Carnival Eats gets passed to lookup as 12 Carnival Eats

–> No match found, checking for special characters in the Title
–> Found special characters in the Title, trying to match Title information after removing special characters : 12 Carnival Eats
–> No match found, checking for special characters in the Title

2019-10-04T12:45:13 MCEBuddy.MetaData.VideoMetaData --> Trying to match nPVR/SiliconDust series showname -> 23_Carnival Eats-S04E14
2019-10-04T12:45:13 MCEBuddy.MetaData.VideoMetaData --> Looking for Season/Episode information in text
2019-10-04T12:45:13 MCEBuddy.MetaData.VideoMetaData --> Pattern 1, Found Season/Episode information in text, Season:4, Episode:14
–> Looking for Premiere Year information in text
2019-10-04T12:45:13 MCEBuddy.MetaData.VideoMetaData --> Successfully matched nPVR/SiliconDust series filename metadata
2019-10-04T12:45:13 MCEBuddy.MetaData.VideoMetaData --> Video Tags extracted from file/name metadata ->
Title: 23_Carnival Eats

MCEBuddy needs a pattern to match.

However it also allows you to define your own title correction patterns in the Metadata correction button Conversion Task -> Expert Settings page using a simple wildcard pattern or if you want more control you can use a Regex pattern match and correction.

If there is no metadata how would you recommend renaming a file “23_Carnival Eats-S04E14” so that it can be looked up properly? As I said, a file named “Carnival Eats-S04E14” would lookup properly but if there are a few duplicates example “Carnival Eats-S04E14(2)” or “02_Carnival Eats-S04E14” the lookup fails. As I stated above i cannot get mcebuddy to focus on the show name and season episode number only. Having ANY additional text gets forced into the showname or season

MCEBuddy has some very powerful tools at your disposal.

If you filename has extra characters like 23_Carnival Eats-S04E14(2).ts then you can write a custom regex in the Metadata correction page to correct the title to remove the extra leading characters and then select the IMDB overwrite option and it will process your metadata just fine. @mike808 may ideas on additional regex options.

Use today’s build of MCEBuddy since it has some improvements to the overwrite option

Thank you for the reply, i will give this a shot.

I know it is late, but for me, the easiest is just to match on “Carnival Eats” and then force the series by the IMDB or TVDB series ID directly.