Custom Metadata retrieval

I am a paid MCEBuddy consumer and I have a basic task setup where MCEBuddy will reliably rename my wtv files and organize them as I require using the metadata info. Currently i have about 5-6 shows that MCEBuddy will consistently either get no or wrong information for. Reading the forums I see that i can create a separate profile for each of these shows and specify a tvdb id. This seems like a doable solution when the list of shows is small, but i was hoping to avoid creating a growing list profiles to handle situations like this. I wanted to know if there was a more elegant solution to specify a tvdb id for a specific show name other than creating a profile, maybe a csv with a show pattern and the specific id?

Thanks for any assistance,


You actually don’t need to make a separate conversion task or profile for each show. You can use the metadata Correction button in the Conversion Task -> Expert Settings page.


On this page you can define the corrections for your incorrect metadata. You just create one entry for each correction, this way you can use the conversion task and profile but as you get more shows with incorrect metadata just create one entry for each one here.