Example metadata extracted from Tivo using KMTTG

KMTTG has an option to export a text metadata file from the Tivo recording it is downloading.
Is there any way to have MCEBuddy include this by default and rebuild the metadata info?
Some fields seem to be named differently (like “callsign”), and I suggest that MCEBuddy have a mapping for this.

title : America's Test Kitchen
seriesTitle : America's Test Kitchen
description : Tried-and-tested cooking tips, techniques and advice. 
time : 2019-10-18T06:30:00Z
isEpisode : true
iso_duration : PT29M59S
originalAirDate : 2019-03-26T00:00:00Z
episodeTitle : Italian Classics
isEpisodic : true
showingBits : 515
tvRating : x3
episodeNumber : 1916
displayMajorNumber : 9-4
callsign : KETCDT4
seriesId : SH0010327616
programId : EP0010327616-0399362736
vHost : Lancaster|Bridget
vHost : Davison|Julia Collin

“displayMajorNumber” is the guide’s HDTV Channel #, e.g. 9-4 is station channel 9.4.
“callsign” is the broadcast channel’s callsign, which should translate to MCEBuddy’s “Channel” selection field which I use to filter the profile for processing quality based on an HD or SD channel. Most stations only broadcast full HD content (1080i/720p) on their primary channel, and all of the sub-channels get SD (640x480). For that reason, I don’t want to over-compress an already low-quality source that has likely already also been transcoded or never was an HD source to begin with.

I did some processing with the raw Tivo file and had MCEBuddy do the decrypting. In the resulting file, all of the metadata was replaced by the IMDB entry (I have a forced override rule setup for this show as the guide uses multiple titles “ATK” or “ATK from Cook’s Illustrated” for earlier seasons.)

Attached is the processing log.Americas Test Kitchen-S19E16-Italian Classics-2019-03-26 - Copy.TiVo-MKV-TV-HD-2019-10-20T16-50-24.6846910-05-00.log (14.1 KB)

We can look into it, if you have the metadata file available, but MCEBuddy also extracts the metadata from the TiVO file. Is there a difference? We would need a the original TiVO file (MAK key), the data you extracted and then we can compare it. BTW you log file is set is not set to debug there’s it’s practically empty.