Display media file embedded meta data with media info

In the job queue, you can select a title, and right-mouse view the media info for the file.
Is there a way to also include the embedded metadata in that display or to make that a second choice?
I’m trying to verify that my processing filters based on the broadcast channel are working properly.

What sucks is that VLC only shows the Season/Episode and show title, but I know that the SD HDHomerun DVR is embedding much more metadata about the show into the file. Hence the ask.

After MCEBuddy processes the file into an MKV, there is all kinds of metadata (like the broadcast channel) that I know could only have come from the HDHR recorded file, but VLC doesn’t display.

Failing adding it into MCEBuddy, is there a CLI command I can use to view it to debug my profiles.


Neat idea but the question is what metadata to display. MCEBuddy only uses a limited subset of metadata, many formats have much more metadata. So if you want to see metadata used by MCEBuddy, that could be added on which will help with your monitor/conversion task filters.

Added a draft version of this feature in today’s 2.5.2 beta build, check it out

The one on the left is more what I’m looking for, with the “Network” field has the channel call sign.

I’m using the OTA channel (SD HDHR tuner) and want to run a lower compression (higher quality) transcode to H265 on SD channels, and higher compression on HD channels.

Other recording sources are Tivo (also OTA Roamio).

I’ll download and play some more - The metadata that is already in the file from the recording source is what I’m looking to see, not what MCEBuddy will add, if that helps.

Yes that’s what the above images are showing, the metadata that is read by MCEBuddy from the embedded files / supporting metadata files - not what it’ll download from the internet or any corrections entered by the user in the conversion task. This is just my the raw data as read by MCEBuddy. It only shows what information is available to read.

Success. Here’s what this week’s episode of This is Us had from the HDHR DVR media file:

This Is Us S04E08 20191112 [20191113-0200].mpg
Codec	  :  mpeg2video
Duration	  :  00h : 30m : 19s
Height	  :  1080
Width	  :  1920
FPS	  :  23.976
Audio 1
Language :  English  (eng)
Codec	 :  ac3
Channels  :  6

Audio 2
Language :  Castilian  (spa)
Codec	 :  ac3
Channels  :  2

Title: This Is Us
Subtitle: Sorry
Description: Rebecca visits Randall in Philadelphia; Beth is troubled by a request from Deja; Kevin has doubts about himself.
Network: KSDKDT
Network Affiliate: NBC
Season: 4
Episode: 8
Aired: 12 Nov 2019 12:00 AM
Recorded: 13 Nov 2019 2:31 AM

What I’m looking to configure the profile quality settings for will be based on the “Network” (the channel call sign). There could be a wrinkle since that is a recording on the main channel. I didn’t get a recording yet from a sub-channel to confirm. It would likely be something like KSDKDT-2.

What is weird is that I thought that the HDHR media files used to include the channel number metadata. Maybe they stopped. This particular show would have indicated channel “5.1”.

Is there a way to trigger a profile based on the recording video size? height/width?

Also, you have 15 too many dashes in the separator lines - it wraps in the display panel.
And you need a CR/LF after the separator lines in the audio channel displays.

Can you attach a screenshot

Will do. Also, since my station call sign is showing up in the metadata under the “Network” field, how can I use that in the profile filtering? The only option is “Channel” with a regex. But it is not clear which specific metadata field that is matching against - e.g. only the literal “Channel” field, or does it search other recording application’s names and/or similar labels, such as “Network” (hint, hint). If it will match on “Channel”, “Network”, or other metadata field elements of the media, add those into the label please. e.g. “Channel/Network/Station” etc.

It uses the Network tags to match. Corrected it in today’s build to show Channel instead of Network to avoid confusion.

Testing 2019-11-15 build on the network match. Also, here is the mediainfo display showing the line wraps (15 dashes too many) and the CR/LF issues on the audio tracks. Notice how “Language” isn’t on the next line. I have a 1920x1080 display (60" TV) with text set to 125% if that helps.

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Fixed in today’s build

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The media info display looks great now. Thanks!

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