Network/Network Affiliate Tag During Pre-Conversation

II’m using emby along with a HDHR Prime tuner. 'd like to use the channel name as a filter for conversion tasks, but MCEBuddy doesn’t seem to extract this info from the nfo file created by emby. In the attached log file, the network and network affiliate tags are always blank. In the nfo file created by emby, the network or channel is listed with the tag. Is there any way for MCEBuddy to use this tag to identify the channel?
The MCEBuddt log file and example nfo file are attached.

logs.7z (11.8 KB)

Couple of things here, while MCEBuddy does support extracting tags from a NFO file you’ve attached there are a few things to consider:

  1. If you’re using HDHR then it should be a TS file and HDHR embeds the metadata into the TS file which is then extracted by MCEBuddy
  2. For the NFO file to work, the name of the file should be the same as the name of the recording with a nfo extension and the tvshow.nfo supplements that file (which is why it isn’t picking it up). So who’s generating this NFO file?

Thanks for getting back to me. HDHR is the tuner. I use, Emby for the DVR, so that’s what’s creating the TS file and NFO file. I don’t see a setting in Emvy to change how the NFO file is named.

I would have MCEBuddy create the NFO file along with the output file because they will have the same name (just different extensions), and have Emby use the NFO file created by MCEBuddy instead of the other way around.