Parse show title and date from filename for Emby files

I’m looking for a way to have MCEBuddy ignore the dates in a file name. For example:

Emby records some shows as: “Show Name” “Original Air Date” - “Episode Name”
In my Emby DVR Folder it is saved in Showname/“Show Name” “Original Air Date” - “Episode Name” (Typically shows without Season/Episdoe info in the Metadata)

When MCEBuddy does the conversion it creates a folder in this structure: “Show Name” “Original Air Date” - “Episode Name” which then creates a new folder for every episode; instead of a folder with the show name and each episode inside of it.

I would like MCEBuddy to ignore the date and create the Folder with the Showname only.

Can someone explain what I would need to add as a REGEX to achieve this? I have another open thread where a REGEX was recommended.

You can use custom renaming to create your own renaming pattern.

If there file doesn’t have any metadata then it’s likely that MCEBuddy is taking the “showname” from the filename and if the pattern is not recognized by mcebuddy the date becomes part of the filename.

Give a few specific examples of the filenames and maybe we could add support to parse the filenames. Also attach your conversion log so it shows what metadata is available and what isn’t.

It’s mostly kids shows, and it only seems to happen on episodes that do not have Season data. I also notice it on specials like Gold Rush as of late. Here are some examples of the original file names:

Gold Rush 2017-10-27 - The Book of Parker.ts
Log: Gold Rush -
Puppy Dog Pals 2017-10-01 - Haunted Howl-oween.ts
Log: Puppy Dog Pals -

Before converting Emby stores both files in properly named folders. After conversion the date is added to the folder, which is what i’m trying to get around.

Thanks for looking at this for me!

I didnt realize i could upload the logs. Here are the uploaded versions just in case that’s easier:

Puppy Dog Pals 2017-10-01 - Haunted Howl-oween.ts-Remove Commercials and rename-2017-10-29T00-00-00.1338277-05-00.log (528.3 KB)
Gold Rush 2017-10-27 - The Book of Parker.ts-Remove Commercials and rename-2017-10-28T00-30-53.4924393-05-00.log (463.9 KB)

The log show there is an XML file along with the video that contains metadata. Can you also attach those XML files.

To be clear,please attach the XML file for the show that has this problem.

I’m not seeing an XML file anywhere. The folder has a NFO for each episode and an NFO for the show itself. I see in the log that it extracted the XML file, but I’m not seeing it. I’ve made sure hidden files were viewed on the folder. Not sure if I’m missing something.

thats it, the nfo files

gold rush files (converted to txt)

Gold Rush 2017-10-27 - The Book of Parker.txt (357 Bytes)
tvshow.txt (126 Bytes)

Puppy Dog Pals files (converted to txt)

Puppy Dog Pals 2017-10-01 - Haunted Howl-oween.txt (471 Bytes)
tvshow.txt (130 Bytes)

That was helpful, so we figured out the issue, your NFO file didn’t contain the Title (metadata) so MCEBuddy was picking up the filename as the “Title” which also contains the date in it.

We’ve fixed this by having MCEBuddy parse the filename properly and extract the date and title when the Title isn’t available in the NFO files (your NFO file only contains the episode information, the tvshow.nfo contains the title, but that file isn’t accessible to MCEBuddy directly along with the original video file).

Try the latest build of MCEBuddy 2.4.8 BETA version and that should fix your issue. Post back if you have an issue.

Sorry for the late reply. I installed 2.4.8 and that seems to have fixed it. Thanks for all of you help!!

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I think i’m having the exact issue. i’ve been trying out the MCEBuddy Beta’s and still can’t resolve

EMBY records IPTV (friends for this example) - saves show
in a folder called Friends

in that folder are 3 files
Friends 2019_07_30_23_45_00.ts
Friends 2019_07_30_23_45_00.nfo

i have MCEBuddy monitor that parent folder and it creates where i store the show the following
Friends 2019_07_30_23_45_00 (FOLDER)
SE00 Friends 2019_07_30_23_45_00 -.mp4 (File)

how can i get MCEBuddy to process the name correctly
if the Friends 2019_07_30_23_45_00.nfo doesn’t have the title but the tvshow.nfo does?

Attach your conversion log

Friends 2019_07_30_23_45_00.ts-IPTV Convert to MP4-2019-08-01T14-06-11.4522006-05-00.log (445.2 KB)

attached above

Thanks. I don’t see any metadata that’s available to MCEBuddy in the logs, except for the description. Can you attach or upload the NFO/XML files?

Friends 2019_07_30_23_45_00.txt (414 Bytes) tvshow.txt (105 Bytes)

i renamed the .nfo’s to txt so that i could upload them

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Okay it looks like Emby is following a different NFO format than Kodi. Even through they claim that they use the same format, your files are showing that they don’t which is why you aren’t seeing the information.

Can you get a few different samples and either upload them to the mcebuddy server or zip/attach them here so we can test it out and make the necessary changes:

  • TV Shows (Series)
  • Movies
  • Documentaries
  • News
  • Sports (44.8 KB)

here you go … can you do it without the actual video files? just attached the folders that are created with the nfo files by starting a show and letting it record for 10 seconds. i deleted the .ts files because they get large quick but if you need the actual .ts files i can let some shows actually record.

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