Parsing metadata from files not as per listed formats

Currently trialling MCEBuddy and have been impressed so far with the features, however I seem to be struggling to match metadata based on the naming convention that my DVR uses. Is MCEBuddy capable of handling the format below:


I’m also assuming that MCEBuddy has no way of looking up metadata in a combined xml file that my DVR produces? This file has some metadata and the file names for all recordings. Thanks in advance.

MCEBuddy support many formats including reading XML files (preferred), check out this topic for a complete list. If you’ve a new XML format we’ll need more details and samples and can look into adding support for it.

Hey @Goose, thanks for replying - I’ve been away and haven’t had chance to revisit this.

I read the topic you suggested before originally posting and I was’t able to extract metadata with the above the naming convention. Do you have any further advice? Thanks.