Twenty hour recording?

I recorded a two hour program using Channels and HDHomerun. I sent it through MCEBuddy to mark the commercials and put it in my Plex folder. The file that ended up in Plex was twenty hours. I double-checked the original Channels recording and it was only two hours. What could cause something like that to happen?

Attach your conversion log. If the output is 20 hours then your input file is atleast 20 hours.

Your recording software is probably merging multiple recordings together like it was seen here:

The log is attached. I looked at the original recording from Channels and it was only two hours plus a couple of minutes of padding.

American Idol S17E01 2019-03-03 201 Auditions 2019-03-03-1959.mpg-Channels to Plex-2019-03-03T22-05-04.2285904-08-00.log (826.8 KB)

According to the logs the input file is 2:05 and the output file is also 2:05

However while converting MKVMerge found an error in your input file and I suspect because of that it wrote the wrong duration metadata into your file showing as 21 hours.

MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.MKVMerge --> Warning: ‘C:\Program Files\MCEBuddy2x\working0\American Idol S17E01 2019-03-03 201 Auditions 2019-03-03-1959.mkv’ track 1: This audio track contains 1352 bytes of invalid data which were skipped before timestamp 01:14:06.656000000. The audio/video synchronization may have been lost.

It’s just metadata, you can try using a different profile or change the profile to not use MKVMerge.

Thank you!