Output video is 2 times as long as the input

Don’t know why this is happening. the input file is 2 hours and 23 mins 1.78GB and the output is 4 hours and 46 mins 5.74GB that’s 2 times as long and over 3 times as big. this is only happening with certain movies
any help would be nice and thank you

Transformers (2007) [Bluray-1080p] - #2.mp4-fast 1080p-2020-01-15T11-54-03.5071901-06-00.log (2.9 MB)
Transformers (2007) [Bluray-1080p].mp4-fast 1080p-2020-01-15T09-42-58.5482759-06-00.log (6.9 MB)

Yes this is extremely odd! I see what’s going on but I need to original video to analyze it.
Can you upload the original video the MCEBuddy server so we can analyze it.

Sure will do, thanks for the reply