Output video is 2 times as long as the input

Don’t know why this is happening. the input file is 2 hours and 23 mins 1.78GB and the output is 4 hours and 46 mins 5.74GB that’s 2 times as long and over 3 times as big. this is only happening with certain movies
any help would be nice and thank you

Transformers (2007) [Bluray-1080p] - #2.mp4-fast 1080p-2020-01-15T11-54-03.5071901-06-00.log (2.9 MB)
Transformers (2007) [Bluray-1080p].mp4-fast 1080p-2020-01-15T09-42-58.5482759-06-00.log (6.9 MB)

Yes this is extremely odd! I see what’s going on but I need to original video to analyze it.
Can you upload the original video the MCEBuddy server so we can analyze it.

Sure will do, thanks for the reply

Hi - I’m having the same problem with a couple of dvr-ms files of recorded TV that I’m trying to convert to either mp4 or ts. Other files of the same type have converted fine but two have significantly increased in size and reported length - from about 1 hour to about 2 hours 40 minutes. The playback audio of the converted files appears to be fine but the video stutters hugely. Has a problem/solution been identified? I can supply a before and after file and the log file if needed for investigation. Thanks

We need the log and the original file to look into it. You can upload them here: Welcome to MCEBuddy - README BEFORE POSTING

Thanks, Goose - unfortunately the ftp site won’t connect either directly or through FileZilla. Is there a problem with the site?

Still no luck by either method

Try to check/disable your firewall on case it’s blocking the ports. Use a Passive FTP as that usually works with firewalls.

temporarily suspending the firewall worked so I’ve uploaded the original file and log. thanks

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I see you’re using a very old version of mcebuddy (2.3.13), it’s working fine with the latest version here. Please upgrade to the latest version.

Thanks - I’d been using the free version while I tested whether it was what I wanted and hadn’t appreciated how far behind the current version that was. All working fine now and seems to be doing a really good job. Thanks for your help

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