Problem with files taking over 30 hours to convert

Hi there. I am fairly new to MCEBuddy, and it seems like a pretty complicated program for a beginner who knows little about video and audio encoding, decoding, etc. I am having an issue with certain .TS files recorded from an IPTV tuner taking entirely tooooo long to process. The show I will speak specifically about recorded last night from 23:00 - 23:33. So a 33 minute TV show would normally take anywhere from 20 -45 minutes to cut commercials and convert to MP4.

I am not sure what setting I may have changed, and will assume that I have messed up somewhere (maybe?), but certain shows take well over 30 hours to process, and generally just error out, or I stop them and just use handbrake to convert.

I would be entirely grateful if someone can determine what is happening here, what is causing this really long processing time on my Windows 10 PC. The program is recorded with TV Mosaic (formerly DVB Link), and in a TS format. MCE_Buddy_Long%20Processing%20TimeMCEBuddy File MediaInfo.txt (2.7 KB)

When I look at the log files, I have no idea what I am really looking for, so that is unhelpful for me. I have attached a photo showing the file being converted by MCEBuddy at 2% complete with an estimated over 17 hours remaining to convert the file. Additionally, the conversion began last night at 23:34, which was over 14 hours ago, and it is STILL processing, so we are looking at over 30 hours total time for processing.

I have also attached the Media Info file showing details about the file itself. I have uploaded the log files and the recording itself to the FTP site as well.

FYI - 6 other programs processed without issue that recorded yesterday. The longest one was a 64 minute program, which took 40 minutes to process. (No commercials)

I would appreciate any help provided. Thanks in advance!

Can you attach your conversion logs

Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen -S15E83-20180513.ts-WWHL Conversion-2018-05-13T23-34-28.3453733-04-00.log (4.1 MB)

They were too big before, so I uploaded all of that to the FTP site. Let’s see if it works this time. Is this what you need?

The other log file just called mcebuddy.log, not sure if you need it, but it is too big too attach. I uploaded it to OneDrive, link here:!Agaak3PMoqsrjXtcyCZJL1rGyzCE

and if you want the actual .TS file, it is available here:!Agaak3PMoqsrjXx1-e1DthZK4Dqw

Let me know if anything else is needed. Thanks!!

It’s a combination of your video file (invalid FPS) and your NVidia driver is slowing it down. MCEBuddy detected hardware encoding and enabled it so the encoding is done by your video card. There’s something about your video FPS which isn’t sitting right with your video graphics driver and it’s crawling while converting it.

2018-05-13T23:36:50 MCEBuddy.Transcode.ConvertWithFfmpeg --> NVENC H.264 Hardware encoder detected, enabling h264 hardware encoder

You can try to play with your profile settings to see what’s causing the graphics driver to slow down. The logs are giving a clue, something to do with your video frame rate.

2018-05-13T23:36:50 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.FFmpeg --> [mp4 @ 00000148cf29e7e0] Frame rate very high for a muxer not efficiently supporting it.
2018-05-13T23:36:50 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.FFmpeg --> Please consider specifying a lower framerate, a different muxer or -vsync 2

It could just a bug in the graphics driver. It would be easier to update your graphics drivers or use one of the community recommended versions.

If that doesn’t work, try adding -vsync 2 to the beginning of your ffmpeg-video= line in your profile as the logs recommend.

I also found this in your log:

WARNING> 2018-05-13T23:36:41 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.FFmpegMediaInfo --> Invalid FPS 90000, resetting to 0

Looks like your video has an invalid frame rate and I also don’t see the video FPS in your mediainfo.txt file that you attached, so really it’s the file that’s invalid and so your graphics driver is having trouble with it. You can try to update your graphics driver or look at the source of video file and find out why it’s creating an invalid FPS.

Thank you SOOOO much for looking at this for me. The NVidia driver is supposed to make it go FASTER! Interesting. My driver was updated automatically by NVidia on 5-7-18 and I actually noticed during the conversions that my GPU was being used at 99% and my CPU% was drastically lowered. I assumed that was a great thing, as the files that were being converted successfully were going pretty fast.

So the driver date of 5-7-18 is updated and current. I wonder if I should actually roll the driver back, since the issue actually started about this time frame. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

About the FPS rate of a video file, this is not something I am knowledgeable about. I can watch the videos just fine on VLC or even on my TV through plex. When I look at MediaInfo for any of the trouble files, there doesn’t appear to be a frame rate listed at all. On the files that are successfully converting, I can see the Frame Rate listed. They are all recorded in the same exact way, so not sure what is different or what would cause this issue. Any ideas how I would begin to determine what is causing a frame rate issue on some videos but not others?

Thank you again! Feels better at least knowing where to begin troubleshooting the conversion problems!


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