Sudden Sync Issue

I’ve been recording from my Plex DVR and encoding using MCEbuddy and after some minor tweaking have gotten it working fairly well. Yesterday I encoded 3 shows from two different channels. The two from the one channel work just fine but the the odd one out has audio/video sync issues and some distortion. When I play the original recording it is fine but the encode looks bad. I tried encoding again but dropped the resolution from 1080p to 720 and still had the sync issue. Why would it be this one specific recording? How can I correct this and prevent this from happening to future recordings?

What profile are you using? Attach your conversion log also do we can take a look at what’s going on.

I’m having the exact same issue. Most of my recordings work fine, but one specific show almost always screws up… in my case it’s General Hospital (wife’s fav show, so you know I have to get this fixed). I’m also using plex dvr. Another interesting thing is that I tried using plex to transcode the recording to h.264 (it has real time transcode as an option) and got the SAME issue. So clearly it’s not an MCE (handbrake, ffmpeg) problem, it’s got something to do with plex dvr. But why only ONE specific show? Makes no sense to me. As a test I’m trying to record the same shows using Windows Media Center, and then converting using MCEbuddy. Will report back.

Ok. I can say for certain that this issue is being cause by plex dvr with my hardware (which is an old school hdhomerun ota). When using 7mc I don’t have any issues at all. So something is messed up with the plex recorder for certain recordings. I was able to narrow this down because it’s the same machine, recording from the same device. Only difference is recording via plex vs windows media center.

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I’ve found the solution to this problem. Thought I’d post it here just in case anyone else encounters this issue: Sign In to your Plex Account | Plex

Looks like they’ll have a fix out soon. For those who can’t read that thread, basically it’s a known issue with plex dvr that if you’re recording 2 one hour shows (or more) back to back the second show about 30 minutes in will lose video and audio sync. They are working on a fix, and hopefully will have it out in the next week or so (as of 1/20/18).


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You may want to copy paste the solution here, most folks may not have access to the link you’ve posted.