Audio out of sync when streaming

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Windows 7
Recording from Playon

I had asked a short time ago why my files audio was out of sync and was helped by suggesting that I manually change the audio to sync up the conversion. This worked and I don’t have a problem except for this. I don’t know if it is MCEBuddy or something else I doing but plex is no help so I will try here. All the files I have been converting work just fine unless I stream the file to another device from plex, then the audio is out of sync. If I access the file from a network folder to another computer the audio is out of sync. The only time I can stream and it actually works is if I use plex from and android device and play on an external player like MX Player. Is there something wrong with the files or something wrong with Plex. Please helpDa Vinci’s Demons - s01e01 - The Hanged Man.mp4-Convert to MP4-2019-08-06T18-35-19.2713060-05-00.log (722.6 KB)

No one?

Sounds like a player issue or a plex issue. Either plex isn’t reading the audio delay settings from the container or the player playing it back has a compatibility issue.