Audio Sync for streamed files

I had asked a short time ago why my files audio was out of sync and was helped by suggesting that I manually change the audio to sync up the conversion. This worked and I don’t have a problem except or this. I don’t know if it is MCEBuddy or something else I doing but plex is no help so I will try here. All the files I have been converting work just fine unless I stream the file from plex, then the audio is out of sync. If I access the file from a network folder to another computer the audio is out of sync. The only time I can stream and it actually works is if I use plex from and android device and play on an external player like MX Player. Is there something wrong with the files or something wrong with Plex. Please helpAmerican Gods - s01e01 - Ep 101 - The Bone Orchard.mp4-Convert to MP4-2019-07-20T10-16-38.7222564-05-00.log (657.3 KB)