Some files are being left as mkvs...not converting to mp4

Hi. It seems like MCEBuddy will sometimes just remux to mkv instead of converting to mp4.

  1. Log files are missing for these files

  2. Why do the logs show “mkv” in the file name…

Chopped (2009) - S33E08 - An Ugly Turn.mkv-Convert to MP4-2017-05-31T02-39-02.6381761-04-00

Does it get converted first to mkv?

  1. The only thing I can think of is that conversion to mp4 is not occurring due to not enough space on the drive. I have a small boot drive where there is just 25GB of space left. Assuming this was the reason, I changed the temp folder location which didn’t address the issue

  2. mcebuddy.log does not show the titles that were remuxed. Should I be checking here?

If there’s no log file then there’s no conversion (unless you’ve disabled log file in the Settings page)

That’s possible, but EVEN then there would be a conversion log file, that’s the first thing created when a conversation starts. So either the conversion isnt’ starting (see mcebuddy.log and search for your source filename) or you’ve disabled logs

Perhaps it’s because I don’t understand the actual process.

Does it convert to mkv first then mp4? I just noticed that the recordings from yesterday are all mkvs but if I scan for new files for conversion it lists the mkvs.

And for some reason none of the files converted to mp4 during the scheduled period. I had to pause / unpause for the files to be picked up again.

You can read about the conversion process here:

Attach your mcebuddy.log file and I can tell you what you’ve configured. Basically MCEBuddy will monitor what you asked it to monitor and then convert it to whatever you asked it to convert to. If you asked the output as MP4 it’ll create MP4 and not MKV’s. It won’t create anything you haven’t asked it to do.

If it’s listing the MKV’s on scanning then that’s probably what you’ve asked it to monitor.

Ok I’ve uploaded the file. Yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on. It seems to mux to mkv first and then if I rescan it’ll convert to mp4.

mcebuddy.log (1.7 MB)

You know what - I think it’s Plex that may be remuxing to mkv which I didn’t consider.

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