Files aren't being converted

It doesn’t appear the MCEBuddy is working. My source folder is full of files but the scan doesn’t show as needing to convert any.

How do I go about trying to figure out what is wrong?

Never mind. I found the log file and it details everyone one of my recordings although new have previously been converted.

Welcome to the community,
Just a suggestion, first delete the log file(this will take care of anything thats been “Converted”, second would be to go in to the settings and have the completed file moved in to an “Archive Folder”, I have mine set up as “Media”, inside of Media is “DVR” (for where the recordings are stored by plex and is the folder that MCEBuddy checks), “Archive” for where to put the original after conversion, and “Finished” for where to put the converted completed file, you can even have a “Fail” Folder for failed conversions. I don’t have MCEBuddy delete anything just in case comskip screws up, which for me is a lot. This is all set up in “Settings” → “General Settings” (down carrot on right) - “System Settings” (bottom) between “Okay” and “Cancel”.
Hope this helps and please report your successes as well as your failures.