MCE Buddy runs but it does not do anything 2.4.8

I am a 70 year old man and I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I just updated to 2.4.8 and it seems to run fine but the history shows the conversion status as error. I have no idea how to attach the logs to this post.

Can you open the Logs directory (click on the logs link on MCEBuddy), find / attach the log file for the conversion where it shows an error.

It’s looking for the Comskip executable that you’ve configured in your system settings page of MCEBuddy.

You can attach a file by dragging and dropping it or if it’s too big then zip and drag / drop it.

I did figure that out. I had hoped that the new version of MCEBuddy with the new version of Comskip would be an improvement over the old version of each but it still is not of any value for me. With a typical Hallmark TV Movie it cuts off the beginning and the end of the movie and leaves way to many commercials. I would pay a lot of money for a program that actually worked, but this does not seem to work very well.

These are two completely different points, the updated version of Comskip is faster and unrestricted in terms of processing speed.

The identification of commercial start/end points is controlled through the Comskip.INI file and has no bearing on the “type” of Comskip (free, donator or the hardware accelerated version).

See the topic on how to Tune Comskip INI files for your programs. The default out of the box settings are generalized to be ~90% accurate for most channels/countries.